Wednesday, December 7, 2011

BeerShot Battleship

This is a really difficult thing for me to admit... and I can't believe that I am actually saying it... but truth is... oh man, this is hard... ok, so up until this week... I have... ummm... I've NEVER been to a Hobby Lobby. I know, I know! It is an abomination to all things sparkly and hot glued. And, I feel like a total crafting poser, however, I needed to get this off my chest so I can move on with the rest of my life and finally commit to a well rounded life of craft stores. Phew... That being said, holy s*&% Hobby Lobby is AWESOME.

There is one by work and since I had a laundry list of items that I needed to pick up for some upcoming projects, I figured now was as good of a time as any to check it out. For my first project, I wanted to replicate this game that I saw online and apparently (according to someone who has traveled via plane 150 times last year) can be purchased through Sky Mall. When I saw this, my brain started turning a mile a minute because I was trying to come up with ways to make this game bigger and better. So, after a couple additions to the game board and a quick switch-a-roo with the drink of choice.. it is time to get ready for some...
BeerShot Battleship... I guarantee you, this game is going to be fun. 

I wanted to make the game as large as possible, you know, in order to make it impressive, and I think it worked. To just give you an idea, the game took up my entire living room table, which measures 4' x 2.5'.

Clearly, my theme is Go America (since we only had Polish beer in the fridge at the time, America is NOW in an all-out naval war with Poland!). To construct this masterpiece (Milton-Bradley who?), you will need:

* One Foam Board
* 2 Poster Boards
* One Styrofoam Block
* 4 Sheets of Funky Foam
* Masking Tape
* Letter/Number Stickers
* Decorative Stickers (optional)
* Contact Paper
* 42 Plastic Shot Glasses
* 6 Beers (to play one round)

I used the 2 pieces of poster board, masking tape and letter/number stickers to create the 10 x 10 game board (if you want a full visual, this template that I found on Wikipedia will help). I decorated the boards 
with my patriotic stickers and then covered each board with contact paper (to protect these little gems, seeing that we would be pouring beer onto it and duh, I want to be able to use these again). Since I am a math drop out, I failed to realize that each space on the board should be a perfect square in order to use the ships both vertically and horizontally (FINALLY, an answer to the question "when am I ever going to need math in real life?") so I was unable to keep the boats whole. 

Instead, I measured and cut out the 'Funky Foam' to fit each box (you will need 21 for each side) and then copied out this cheat sheet so each player will know how many and how big each ship needs to be. Each side needs:

* One Aircraft Carrier - 5 spaces
* Two Battleships - 4 spaces
* One Submarine - 3 spaces
* One Destroyer - 3 spaces
* One Patrol Boat - 2 spaces

The white Styrofoam block was used to help keep the foam board upright (I drew a line down the middle of the block, length-wise, and by continually dragging scissors along the line, you can gradually create a wide/deep enough slot for the foam board to fit right in).

Once the line is cut out, slide the foam board in place. I thought it was going to be really wobbly but with the foam board about 1/2 way into the block, it was extremely sturdy.

So, the game is played exactly like regular Battleship except that instead of inserting a peg once your ship gets hit, you fill that cup up with beer and take a shot. In the original rules, the shots were to be consumed, all at once, after your ship has been sunk. However, after 5 quick shots of Zywic, I nixed the idea and switched it over because I quickly realized, I'm not in college anymore :( Play either way you like, but be ready because it gets pretty competitive.  
All I have to say is...
                                   it's time to BATTLESHIP!!

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