Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pancake Muffins: Breakfast To-Go

I love pancakes! I mean honestly, who doesn't love a stack of fluffy deliciousness, topped with some creamy butter, covered in maple syrup with a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning? Oh, man, yum! If you don't, well then... I... I have no words. The only problem I have with pancakes is that they can be mildly time consuming to make, particularly when I'm only functioning at 1/4 my normal rate (let's just say it takes me awhile to wake up in the morning) and especially when I have house guests and need to provide an abundance of sustenance to six hungover individuals. One could be at the skillet for hours (more like 15 minutes, I know, but it FEELS like hours). Ugh, so daunting. It was while contemplating this little quandary that Pancake Muffins were born!!
I decided to make both blueberry pancakes and an updated version of "pigs in a blanket." So, I started off by browning some Jimmy Deans breakfast sausage in a skillet until it was golden brown. Then, I used some instant pancake mix (just some good ol' Bisquick) and whipped up a batch of batter (say that ten times fast... a batch of Bisquick batter... anyway), according to the directions on the box. I sprayed the muffin tin with Pam (I find it far less messy when I do this outside) and then divided the pancake mix accordingly.

I divided the sausage and blueberries, evenly, into the various compartments.

Then, using a spoon, I pushed the toppings towards the center until they were covered by the batter and popped the whole tin into the oven (preheated to 350 degrees) for 15 mins. I checked on them regularly, using the toothpick method to verify when they were done. After a couple minutes of cooling, I popped them out of the tin, cut them open and slobbered them with maple syrup. The consensus among the formerly intoxicated was unanimous... MMMMMMM.

I had some leftover muffins and realized that they would make perfect to-go breakfasts during the week. However, since they were thicker than normal pancakes, they were a little too dry to eat on their own. So, I channelled the geniuses at McDonald's and using a meat injector, injected the muffins with some maple syrup a la the McGriddle. No mess, no fuss, pure delight!


  1. Wow, Sarah, this makes me want to wake up hungover at your house JUST for the pancake muffin delicious creations! Pancakes are Gary's speciality, but he has never been this gastronomically creative. Gary usually makes pancakes for. " the child " aka Morgan, every morning. He brings her breakfast in bed! She is currently being punished for some cell phone infraction, & must go to the kitchen for breakfasts. So harsh!
    I am currently on spring break (although it snowed upon my Larson book yesterday afternoon, as I attempted to get a little sunshine in the back yard) I noticed the many references to Christopher isherwood's book "Good bye to Berlin". I recommend that the honorable ladies of our book club watch Bob Fosse's movie "Caberat" ( starring Liza Minelli ) as it is adapted from isherwood's novel. Looking forward to Sunday's meeting!

  2. Ha. Well I will give you one guess as to who two of those "hungover" house guests were!! You can ask Suz, she will tell you that they were indeed DELICIOUS :)


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