Monday, March 28, 2011

It's St. Patrick's Day Somewhere

Normally, every time I see Guy Fieri I want to smack those stupid sunglasses off the back of his head.  However, I didn't let my animosity towards people who call themselves a "kulinary gansta" keep me from realizing that even men with frosted tips and goatees have awesome ideas every once in awhile.  I saw this recipe and I absolutely had to make it for St. Patrick’s Day.  I know it's a little late but Paddy's is a holiday you can celebrate all March long.  Plus, I feel like I am going to enjoy these treats throughout the summer, so, it truly is timeless.  I mean seriously, a Guinness Milkshake?!  I sampled the shake with both vanilla and chocolate ice cream and I thought that both were delicious.  The chocolate tasted more like a dessert and the vanilla had more of the Guinness bite to it.  Mmmm!!  

Cost:  Depending on which Guinness you decide to purchase, it comes out between $1.50 and $3.00 a shake... not too shabby.  

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