Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness Indeed

Time for the brackets, the all-day basketball binging, the cheering for teams that you just found out existed and the over-all excitement that comes from watching day after day of college basketball.  Weee!!  I always get amped up for the start of the tournament but my interest normally wanes half-way though because my final four teams are knocked out by the third round (what can I say, I perpetually vote for the underdog).  If it weren't for the March Madness drink specials, I think I would lose interest all together because if I can’t win something then what’s the point in cheering for teams I have no invested interest in.  Dumb.

So, in an attempt to bring a little friendly competition to the homestead and keep my interest in the Madness going to the very end, I’ve devised a round by round bracket competition where each team is picked randomly.  Therefore, the whole thing is left up to fate and not my crappy team selection.

I decided to turn the brackets into artwork (yes, this is on the living room wall), so we will ALWAYS know who is winning and losing, thus keeping the trash talking current and up-to-date.  The only drawback is that this is really only a two person game L I haven’t figured out how to devise it for the masses.

  1. Choose your teams.  This was determined by coin flip.  Each person needs to be deemed heads or tails (ie: I was tails and the bf was heads) and each part of the bracket needs to be deemed heads or tails (ie: top team heads, bottom team tails).   So, for the first game....  Player coin flipped tails, bracket coin was heads.  Therefore, I got Ohio State (I’m orange) and the bf (represented by blue) got UTSA/Alabama State.

Then, we went through each game, flipping our coins each time and filling out the bracket as we went…  This “coin flip team selection” will be repeated for each round of the tournament. 

  1. Points.  Points will be awarded by round.  1 point for each team that wins the second round.  2 points for each team that wins the third round. Etc. 5 points will be awarded to the team that wins the championship.

  2. WINNER:  Will be determined by who has the most points in the end.
As we went through the team selection process, there were several FAQ from my competitor.

  • So, I may not be cheering for the same teams as the games progress? No.  Since you coin flip for every round, you could switch each time and are not committed to one team for the duration of the tournament.  Some could call this condoned bandwagon jumping but that’s ok. 
  • How often do we have to sit down and do this coin flip thing? In order to make sure that each person has a team to cheer for in each game, the coin flip must take place before each round of the tournament. 
Happy playing!!!

The best part is that this game only costs PRIDE, and however much you decide to wager.  It doesn't get any better than that!

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