Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Redneck Wedding Bingo

Best Way to Spend a Friday Night
Bingo isn’t for the old ladies anymore!!  Grab your best cutoff t-shirt and your camo colored troll dolls and come on down for some Redneck Wedding Bingo.  What is Redneck Wedding Bingo you say?  Why, it’s the best damn reality show on tee-vee combined with church approved (don’t act like your dad wasn’t the crowd-favorite-Bingo-caller at your parish growing up) form of gambling.  Do you like mud wrestling, wedding vows, pick-up trucks and duct tape on wedding dresses??  Are you bored with just sitting there, WATCHING trashy reality TV?  Do you want to turn reality TV into a cut-throat competition right in your own living room?  Then you’re in luck my friends because Redneck Wedding Bingo is HERE!!! 

I fell in love with this show awhile back and realized that way too many people are missing out on its awesomeness.    I mean, the stereotypes are so real you just sit there in dumbfounded awe.  The game itself is so simple.  All you have to do is...

1.  Print off the game cards that I have provided for you HERE!!  There are 20 cards in all and they are all different.  Some squares may lend itself to some “interpretation” but that’s for you to discern. 
2.  Find episodes of My Big Redneck Wedding, which is easier then you think.  Just click here and you will find a TV schedule, plus full episodes you can watch online.  You can also do what I do, get a little TiVo happy and record a bunch of episodes so you can play more than one game at one time.  CMT does like to run marathons so check your local listings!!    
3. You can also add the “Drinking Game” component to it (well, let’s be honest, you can add the “Drinking Game” component to just about anything) and take a swig every time you get a square.  One time, I added a “Beer Grab Bag” which was literally a giant metal tub mixed with 6-packs of Schlitz, Natural Ice, Busch Light, Old Milwaukee, Budweiser, Old Style and Hamms.  WARNING: When you purchase all of the aforementioned beers, all at the same time, at your local liquor store, you will probably get a couple of questionable looks and be recognized by the sales girl from there on out.  The brews were then mixed up and hidden under the ice, so you had to reach in and wish for the best.  Big money, no whammy!!  Or you can classy it up a bit, like I did the next time I played Redneck Bingo and have some dirty martinis with some delicious blue cheese olives...WARNING: Amend drinking game to "sip martini if you win" not "sip martini for every square you get," especially if you play five or six games and especially if you play two cards per round...just some friendly advice... not speaking from experience...
I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do!!  Now go grab your Keystone, put on your coveralls and let’s play some bingo y’all.  

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  1. I want to play this at book club. for my birthday. a must.


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